The Flores Law Firm offers a working knowledge of a wide-range of real estate transactions. We work primarily with acquisitions, development, operations, and sales of various types of projects.

We provide comprehensive services to assist our clients in legal and transactional matters. Some of our areas of expertise include:

  • Acquisition or sale: Negotiation and drafting of contracts, closing documents and closing the transaction.
  • Construction: Negotiation and drafting of contracts with architects, consultants, engineers and contractors.
  • Due diligence: Review title commitments and underlying title documents, surveys, agreements, leases, environmental inspections, and reports.
  • Leasing: Representation of landlords and tenants in negotiating leases and resolving disputes.
  • Structuring the business: Counseling clients on forming and structuring various types of ownership entities for tax planning and liability concerns, including corporations, limited partnerships, and limited liability companies.